Historic West Side

After Construction

Mural Completed by Artist iandry randriamandroso

Where we have been, and where we are going

The historic west side is culturally significant as the site of the first integrated casino in Las Vegas, the Moulin Rouge. In its heyday, the neighborhood’s culture and economy were thriving. Now, 50 years later, the Westside faces economic and urban challenges.

The HUNDRED (Historic Urban Neighborhood Design Redevelopment) Plan has been established by listening to the voices of the community members and stakeholders. The HUNDRED Plan includes a vision for the historic Westside.

“The historic Westside community will be a thriving district of African American culture in Las Vegas. It will be a unique place where the world will come together to live, work, visit, and play, through the development of housing, local business, jobs, education, hospitality, and cultural pride.”

The plan explores the opportunities and challenges presented, including “revitalization without displacement.”

This idea addresses issues related to the preservation and expansion of the existing affordable rental housing stock within the context of redevelopment that will be necessary to accommodate anticipated growth in the neighborhood.


Collaboration is key! We have partnered with the City of Las Vegas to help revitalize the Historic Westside.

Be part of the renaissance! NHSSN owns and manages six units of one-bedroom apartments that have been completely remodeled. As of February 2023 they are now offering more affordable housing to the community! In May of 2023 we debuted a beautiful mural on the side of our Jefferson West building featuring the artwork of Iandry Randriamandroso.