Foreclosure Prevention

How It Works

Complete the steps below to be eligible for foreclosure prevention assistance.

Step 1

Animated man completing an intake form

Complete the intake

Complete our online application to prepare to speak with your counselor about foreclosure prevention assistance.

Step 2

Apply for rental assistance

speak with an awesome counselor

Schedule a call to discuss ways to save your home, including loan modification and mortgage options.

Step 3

NHSSN Financial Literacy

receive financial literacy counseling

Our team of awesome counselors will help with personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.

Our foreclosure prevention services

  • Foreclosure counseling and loss mitigation is focused on helping families stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure. This is a very time consuming, complex, rewarding activity requiring patience and diligence.
  • NHSSN negotiates and advocates on behalf of the client with their lender to come up with a workable solution for them to stay in their home.
  • Foreclosure prevention can include many forbearance agreements, refinancing existing loans, reducing interest rates or principle balances, and other options.

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